Our Students


“NEAAAT is a place where you can be yourself and discover your passion”

– Gabrielle Hoskins


“I like being a student at NEAAAT because it isn´t like your standard school. You have a fun hands-on experience almost every day. The teachers make all the assignments fun also! You make great friendships and relationships. Overall, it has a great method of teaching students and is a great school in general.”

-Abbigail Barry

“Having the opportunity to attend NEAAAT was the best possible thing for ensuring myself a successful future. I feel like NEAAAT has opened so many doors for me, and allowed me to grow and flourish in so many ways.”

-Kylee Simonds

“If I were trying to get a friend to come to NEAAAT I would ask how important is it to you to succeed? I ask this because that’s exactly what every teacher wants to see from you. This school can guide you to a great future. I’ll be honest, this isn’t why I came to this school but it is what I have grown to see here at NEAAAT and I am proud to be a Griffin!”

-Kenia Turner

-Trenton Carver

“The reason I like NEAAAT, is because NEAAAT is a safe and fun place that we are free to learn in. I like how we do projects that we do and how we have an opinion in this school. I like how we do stuff together, have fun, be safe and learn at the same time.”

“I chose NEAAAT because I wanted to try something new. I also wanted to advance my learning. Going to NEAAAT has given me the opportunity to work towards an Associates degree. I have also made great friends with people that I might have never met. NEAAAT is different, but it’s a good difference.” 

-Allison Hobbs